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Granite Countertop Advantages:

  • Among the most beautiful countertop materials
  • Accentuate the good looks of quality kitchen cabinets
  • Natural stone for those who want an ecofriendly counter top
  • Excellent strength and durability with proper care
  • Resistant to scratches and damage from heat such as pans or hot hair tools
  • Good stain resistance and easy to clean when sealed correctly

Granite Countertop Disadvantages:

  • Improper sealing or failure to reseal granite when needed can lead to staining of this porous stone
  • Poorly sealed granite may also harbor bacteria
  • There are about 20 different colors varieties of granite while other materials are available in 100+ colors and patterns
  • Corners may chip or break if a heavy object falls on them

To summarize the strengths and weaknesses of granite countertops, the primary advantages this material provides are distinctive beauty and outstanding durability when properly maintained. The biggest potential drawback is staining that occurs when the homeowner either buys cheap granite countertops that haven’t been properly sealed or fails to reseal them when needed.

 Resealing granite countertops is quite easy and the sealer is affordable.

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